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Knowl Hill School

Knowl Hill School, Pirbright, Surrey, is a specialist school for children with Dyslexia. 

In 2000, the DFET provided £250,000 for Project KHITE (Knowl Hill Information Technology for Education).  The KHITE programme implemented a strategy to bring IT beyond the computer room and into the classrooms themselves.  The KHITE system comprised a dedicated laptop for each child, communicating with a central server via a wireless local area network that covered the entire school building.

The DFET funded hardware and software for 45 laptops for the pupils, 16 laptops for the staff, head teacher and bursar, as well as the server, printers, scanners, two interactive white-boards and projectors and a digital camcorder.  

Through the KHITE Project, the Knowl Hill pupils were supported by the use of voice activated and dictation systems, as well as grammar and spelling assistance provided by word processing-packages. Dyslexic children frequently respond better to graphical content; through the use of IT, they were able to use multi-dimensional tools such as CAD and access a wealth of graphical content via the Internet. The high-level of IT skills gained by the children would assist them in the job market place when they left full-time education.

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