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Large Scientific Infrastructures enriching online and digital Learning (LaSciL) is a Erasmus+ project to support high quality science teaching.

LaSciL supports teachers to become literate and fluent with the use of high quality digital tools. They will able to:

  • create their own educational resources for students in open and distance learning;

  • manage large numbers of students in an online environment and keep them motivated to participate;

  • personalise their teaching practices based on the needs of their students. 

LaSciL will:

  • Demonstrate innovative ways to involve teachers and students in e-Science by sharing and exploiting high quality digital resources (research facilities, scientific instruments, advanced ICT tools, simulation and visualisation applications and scientific databases); 

  • Provide teachers with cutting-edge, curriculum-tailored educational scenarios that can be used, reused and adapted to their needs;

  • Monitor and assess the teacher training and implementation with students;

  • Select a series of good practices and construct a roadmap both for supporting science teachers and developing collaborations between schools and research infrastructures;

  • Demonstrate effective ways for involving a broader set of actors in the use of research infrastructures that will attract young people to science and scientific careers.

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