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Dill Faulkes Educational Trust


The Dill Faulkes Educational Trust Ltd (DFET) was founded by Dr M C (Dill) Faulkes in 1998 as a company limited by guarantee (Company Number 3571924) and a registered charity (number 1070864).

Since its establishment, the Dill Faulkes Educational Trust has instigated and/or supported a variety of projects, according to the following objectives:


(a) To assist financially selected research institute, college, university, school or other educational establishment (hereinafter called "School")

(b) To provide financial assistance or grants to any School

(c) To establish a periodical medal or prize at any School

(d) To endow any School with a lectureship, "chair" or similar position

(e) To promote research and the publication of the useful results of such research

(f) To provide scholarships, exhibitions, bursaries, maintenance allowances or financial assistance to any person or group of persons attending any School

(g) To promote lectures, seminars, conferences, teaching or other means whereby the public may be educated or informed

(h) To publish and disseminate any journal, books, writing or other information in any form and to commission any books or other disseminable information

(i) Otherwise to further the education of the public



Projects Funded:

Faulkes Telescopes

FT North - £4.25m

FT South - £4.25m

Faulkes Telescope Project

University of Cardiff - £350K

University of Glamorgan - £150K

University of Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Faulkes Gatehouse - £1m

Faulkes Institute for Geometry - £2.5m

Faulkes Flying Foundation - £1m

Edgley Sailplanes Ltd - £350K

Bell Projects

Trinity Church NYC - $1.2m

Cambridge Great St Mary - £350K

St Michael's Cornhill - £85K

Knowl Hill School - £165K

St Paul's Cathedral Education Department - £40K

Rickmansworth Waterways Trust - £20K

Dark Sky Wales - £20K

Individual Bursaries - £130K

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