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Faulkes Flying Foundation

The aim of the Faulkes Flying Foundation (FFF) was to use gliding to inspire and develop young people's imagination, character and self determination along with the excitement and possibilities of flight as a lifelong adventure and a fulfilling career prospect.

The Foundation established bases at Dunstable (near Luton in Bedfordshire), Midland Gliding Club (Long Mynd, Shropshire) and Cambridge Gliding Club as well as at Rufford, York and Nympsfield (near Stroud). Schools and other groups could experience 'taster days', residential courses or adventure training.

The DFET provided funding for the Faulkes Flying Foundation which owned three motor gliders and five top of the range dual seater DG505 gliders.

The Foundation was established in the year 2000 and ran for seven successful years incorporating over 10,000 flights mainly with young boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The cost of running the foundation unfortunately became too expensive for the Trust, but the legacy of the Foundation remains with one motor glider that is currently owned and run by Hertfordshire Scouts. 

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