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EXPLORE - Innovative Scientific Data Exploration and Exploitation Applications for Space Sciences


EXPLORE is a 2 million Euro project funded by the European Commission through the Leadership in Enabling Industrial Technology (LEIT) and Space programme in Horizon 2020


The project is developing six novel applications (G-Tomo, G-Arch, S-Phot, S-Disco, L-Explo, L-Hex) that use artificial intelligence (AI) and visual analytics to exploit the vast datasets generated by astrophysics and planetary missions. 

Rather than focus on one main scientific topic, EXPLORE aims to foster synergies between different areas of space science. Four of the applications will leverage data primarily from Gaia, supplemented with data from other surveys, developing tools to help understand the evolution of our galaxy, the 3D distribution of interstellar matter, as well as to support the discovery, classification and characterisation of stars. The remaining two applications will integrate data from a range of international lunar missions to focus on characterisation of the Moon’s surface and potential human landing sites. A key objective will be to facilitate integration and visualisation of multiple datasets.

DFET leads the dissemination workpackage for EXPLORE.

EXPLORE has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004214.

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